Saturday, January 11, 2014

Big day

 Today was a big day at our house.  Today was the day we got to pick up our new kitten.  Everyone or almost everyone was excited to drive to meet Auntie Darlene to pick up Olaf.  He was named after the snowman in the movie Frozen as we thought he was so so funny and we are sure his namesake will follow suit.
We have had cats before but somewhere around five years ago our senior cats went to that place in the sky where catnip is in abundance and no one yells at you for peeing on the laundry....

I have always wanted another cat but also enjoyed not having to clean up after one and make sure they are not ruining everything they touch.  I bit the bullet this Christmas and made the plan to get a kitten.

Turns out I am not the only cat person in the house.  The kids were way more excited to see the cat come in the bus then they were the dog (good taste I say) and they really like their ridiculous dog.

Malia has thanked me at least one hundred times for getting Olaf.  She has professed her undying love to him at least double that.  "Even if you bite me I still love you.  You are the best cat I have ever had!".

It seems Nessa (the dog) might be the most excited about the cat but I fear for slightly different reasons.  For the last two weeks with every transgression I told the beast how I was getting a cat and that I like cats way way better!

not so thrilled
takes time to warm up to new pets

"So I was wondering....A cat?  Really?"

not the most verbal but has been squealing "kitty" all day
this was before we left for to pick up the cat.  Do you think she knew something?


The Kings said...

LOVE seeing everyone's different reactions :)

Alicia Harper said...

That cat is going to be spoiled rotten ;)