Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ailish!

Ailish would have been fourteen years old today.  Though January 25 is her birthday it was not a day that anyone was rejoicing the year she was born.  She was both born and abandoned that day.  Although an adoption plan was being drawn up prenatally once Ailish was born her birth mother left the hospital soon after leaving a baby whose gender she didn't want to know and one without a name let alone someone to rejoice in her being.

I was called nine days later.  The social workers said it was the fastest match and placement they had ever done.  I received the call at nine o'clock in the morning and was picking her up from the hospital by eight o'clock that same evening.  In the private adoption world this is a normal time frame but unheard of for government adoptions.

The date was February 3, 2000.  Ailish might have entered the world on January 25 but it was on February 3 that her life really began and one that we were so lucky to be apart of.


The Kings said...

Oh I LOVE seeing old pics of Ailish that I haven't seen before. She was so beautiful. I know how much you must be missing her. I wish she was here to celebrate her birthday and joining your family. xxxx

BeeBelle said...

So sweet to see Ailish with her family and to know she was so loved. I second Lisa in wishing she was still with you - I can see this is a hard time but also a celebration she was here.