Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How crazy?

How crazy do you think a person might be when replacing the chain that holds their dead kid's bracelet that she wore all of her life and that they have worn since almost the moment of death and they're in the jewellery store where they bought all of her jewellery and they see  replicas of what she had and they then think they might vomit, cry or both and when the jewellery store lady asks if they want their dead kid's bracelet cleaned though she doesn't know it's their dead kid's bracelet and they say yes because wouldn't it be nice to have it all shiny and new just like they would like their kid to be but while they are waiting all they can scream in their head is "GET ME OUT OF HERE!! GET ME OUT OF HERE! 
Never mind.  I know how crazy.  The question was rhetorical.

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