Thursday, May 22, 2014


An amazing show is in town called Cavalia.  If you don't know what that is and I didn't until last night is it is like Cirque de Soleil but with horses.  It really is a spectacular show.  I went as a friend's guest last night and was completely enthralled with every part of it.

As part of a community outreach I guess you could call it the staff of Cavalia offered a "Blind Touch Tour" in conjunction with our local CNIB.  The darling seven year old and I attended.  Our escorts were some of the show performers.  The kids were given opportunity to interact with the horses, the equipment and also participate in drumming with the non horse performers.  There were close to ten kids and I think each will remember the day for quite a while.

The seven year old was in on everything.  She talked big about luuuving the horses but with some of her sensory issues was worried one of the horses was going to lick her.  I was more concerned one of them would take a chunk out of my ample fleshy arms as some of the horses run a bit on the cheeky side.  The child and I were safe on both counts.  One thing that did occur was when our escort was trying to convince the child to give the horse a kiss on the nose.  She was unsure for fear a tongue would appear (that's my girl!) and was refusing which must have hurt his big horse feelings as he popped her on the head with his nose.  Im sure he is not used to being slighted being the talented beauty that he is!  The child was not injured of course and as I am mother of the year, laughed...with a comforting I'm here for you kinda laugh....  The child did not feel my amusement as comforting....
She just yelled "that horse hit me on PURPOSE!!".  Indeed he did.  That will teach the kid to refuse a kiss from a perfectly beautiful, majestic animal.  I'm telling you if the other sleek, muscular creatures on two legs had offered me a kiss....lets just say I would have been checking IDs for confirmation of age.....

Photos are all iPhone so not the best

learning what horses eat

feeding a carrot

getting trick rider lecture

trick rider practicum

I saw the show last night....this will be the closest she comes to this stunt

they are bound and determined to recruit her

great drummers even greater gymnasts 

she was an appreciative audience

making friends 

again with the stunt rider training!
(did I mention these guys were b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l as well as talented?)

media was well represented at the event with the child followed and interviewed twice.

paparazzi (unfortunately I have no idea how to find the interviews done)

these guys were so good with all the kids.  I would so love to bring one or more of them home with me.  You know....for the kids.....

patient horse

An afternoon well spent and worth missing school for

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The Kings said...

That's so cool! I wish you got to take one of those guys home too...for the kids of course!