Thursday, February 26, 2015

Adoption Profile Book

I need to make an adoption profile book.  I am so not creative, impatient with technology but have great expectations on how one should look.  The agency showed me one couple's book all in its hardcover self with gorgeous pictures of their cool selves.  When I saw it I said wow they would get picked quickly and the agency folks said they thought the same thing and indeed they were.

I have pictures of us that I think are a good representation of who we are and what our life is like but computers are so fiddly.  Costco so say has a good program for making those hard covered books which got me all giddy until I tried to use it.  I am a technoidiot and did I mention impatient with anything that has to do with technology?

I'm thinking I should track down that couple and have them make mine.  That seems reasonable don't you think?  And it's not like I would be including myself in the pool of adoptive families waiting to adopt a 'typical' baby in case they were ready to add to their family again.  My baby will likely be unique but special none the less and not everyone is hoping to raise unique.  That would be in my favour except as is the case with unique it doesn't happen often and the reality of the realm of which I am referring that is a good thing.

There are adoption profile professionals and I suppose I could go that way however for whatever reason that's not the route I want to go.

Whichever way I choose I better get on it but until that time if you know of someone who is looking to place their infant with special needs for adoption into a really swell family send them my way and they can talk to me and my agency and they can meet the real live versions of us.  Well I think we're swell anyways

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