Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Facts of the day

Learned and newly affirmed facts of the day...

-if I had to tread water for over two minutes to save my life....I would drown (who am I kidding....I would probably die in under two)

-there is such a thing as a bathing suit spinner. Who knew such a handy dandy little thing existed?!

-just because you have a whole basket of onion rings does not mean you should eat a whole basket of onion rings
- if you try and get a sports bra on after swimming you may strangle yourself, get it firmly stuck at armpit level and/or put your neck out trying to rectify such

-winter and spring happen in the same day

-thinking you can control the universe in making the phone ring does not work

-not everyone likes you, or who liked you before will continue to like you and if you are considered disposable after years of friendship after so much was shared then it is time to move on

-games are to be played for fun and are not meant to be used on people's emotions.

-I don't like games be they table top, sporting etc

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