Thursday, April 2, 2015

Travelling Teens

Wednesday was a big day at our house.  The teens were leaving on a school trip to Amsterdam!  You should all be very proud of me for letting them go.

Goodbyes are so hard at least when you're saying them to the cats.  There were no tears to leave me but perhaps stifled sobs for the felines.

The little prince is still on spring break so he go to see the girls off at the airport.  I think he and I might have gotten some travel fever.  I started thinking it might be time to plan a big trip somewhere. The consensus would be to go back to Disneyland.  Oy vey!

This is the music instructor extraordinaire.  The school has a spectacular music program whether it be band or choir and there are very few competitions he has entered the kids in that they haven't won.

Look at them!  Aren't they the most gorgeous, grown up girls?!

All the students were beyond excited.  There wasn't an overwhelming number of parents that stayed at the airport and I think mine probably would have been fine if I slowed the bus down long enough for them to toss their bags out and jump.

Mr. Principal and his wife (not shown) are also on the trip.  Though touring is commonplace for the music students and missions program the school so say has not travelled this far with this number of students before.  

Checking bags

This fellow commands attention.  One shrill whistle through his fingers and he has everyone's ear.  This is a finely tuned trip and the kids were all beyond well mannered and followed all instructions as directed.  If and when I do decide to pack us all up and get on a plane I'm thinking I need some of these folks to travel with.

Security.  This is where I got my last hugs and kisses.  The girls were glad to be rid of me at this point.  The flight was not to leave until close to three and it was at this time only about 11:30.  The plan was to grab lunch and hang out until boarding time.  They would fly for ten hours, have a FIVE HOUR layover in Germany and then have a one hour flight to Amsterdam.  After landing they would take a cruise on a river canal then head to the hotel for supper, relaxation and bed.
They will all be exhausted with the jet lag and jam packed schedule but what an experience of a lifetime!  I am so grateful to the school for this opportunity for my girls.

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