Wednesday, April 22, 2015

thank you

I wanted to thank all my friends looking out for me in so many ways but most recently in attempting to help our family grow. Yesterday I heard from a few of you about a precious baby boy in Illinois needing a family. You all recognized that he would be a perfect fit for us. I so love that not only did you think of us but you felt for this baby who needs more than anything a family to claim him, love on him, go to bat for him. Forever. You understand that he and all my kids are worthy of a forever family. The fact that you get it like I do solidifies our friendships even if some of those have 'only' been online. You also have heard me or have learned for yourselves that often times with adoption word of mouth is what makes the difference in families coming together. You get the frustration of the wait or feel it from me wink emoticon and the not knowing if a baby really is in your future.

So thank you again. Thank you to the friends that brought the baby boy to my attention and thank you to those of you who always have me in your thoughts when situations dictate. 
Should we be successful in adopting a new special someone and it is the result of your assistance just know that being my "baby daddy' comes with perks. I don't know what they are yet but they will be G.O.O.D.

Love to you all.
I will attach the link to baby boy in case any of you are able to apply to adopt him or know someone else who would be interested. As I am in Canada and he is in the US it makes it an international adoption and I am not approved in that regard.
Isn't he precious. Oh and just so you know if I was able to adopt him I so would have seen it as a meant to be sign that he was born on my birthday wink emoticon

We are currently searching for a family for Baby B. Learn more about him. If you are interested in becoming Baby B's forever family, please fill out a Pre Application in it's entirety. 

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