Friday, August 7, 2015

Strangest thing I heard today from a young mother trying to have her kids avoid intentionally stepping in puddles
"Remember what I said....if you step in the puddles your legs won't work"
I get she doesn't want the kids jumping in muddy puddles while out and about. I don't know what plans they had for the remainder of the day that perhaps required that they not be splattered in muddy water.
What I do know is life is full of puddles. Some puddles you will accidentally step in or some fall in.
Other puddles are for intentionally, full force, with both feet jumping in. You will never be able to jump if you are afraid your legs won't work.
We need to encourage our children to plunge into life using balance of risk assessment and courage.
We need to educate our kids that life is not always going to be fun but when the opportunity allows we must grab onto it.
Life is short and fleeting. Tomorrow is never promised.
Teach your children to live fully and with intention

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