Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I haven't mentioned much about my quest to adopt again in a long while.

My desire is still strong however my hope is dwindling.  There was a chance at one point where a cousin to one of my kids would be coming home to us but that did not pan out.

I wish I knew if my hopes are forever dashed or if a new little person is ever going to find us.  Anyone who has adopted or is currently waiting will tell you this is the worst part of adopting.  The not knowing.  Each year that passes with no baby decreases my chances significantly due to my age.  It increases the strikes against us.  I have it in me though.  I have the love, the endurance, the resources to offer a little someone who needs a little something extra.

I will put it out there again that if you are Canadian and know of a family who is looking to make an adoption plan for their child with special needs please pass your knowledge of us onto them.

We are needing another passenger in our clown car.  Well bus.  You get the point

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