Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dear other grade 4 parents

It has come to my attention via my daughter that there has not been a single volunteer for next weeks field trip. I get it. Parents work, have younger children, appointments etc.

Here's the thing. I detest volunteering on field trips. I have gone on every one for  my grade 4 student since she entered school to support her with her special needs. Most times I just volunteer for my own child but on occasion have been given other students to be responsible for as well. Don't get me started how on the last trip to the science centre I was given five kids who couldn't look more alike or have harder to remember names!
I'm thinking that maybe none of you have agreed to volunteer next week because you too hate field trips. Maybe like me it is where they are going that makes you cringe at the thought of joining them.

How bout I make you a deal. You go on this one and I'll take the next two?

Don't make me pull the last time I worked a field trip at this particular locale I got called saying my mother was dying and I needed to get there card. 

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