Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dance of Joy

I am doing the dance of joy.  Today....after five days off....is. a. SCHOOL DAY!!  I don't rejoice in this for any self serving way but I rejoice in the fact that my children are entering institutions of greater learning (whatever that may look like for each child) and where they will be offered the skills that if gained will offer them greater opportunities in life.  Ya.  That's it.

In no way am I thrilled that the constant bickering, whining, teenage drama and their thought processes that tell them I must entertain their every waking moment will cease for at least the next eight hours (that is if I ignore the text messages where they tell on each other...).

Absolutely not!  I dare anyone to think or state otherwise!  I am nothing if not selfless, the epitome of patience and understanding.  Let's not forget I'm a giver....so much so that it pains me to think that the schools and community at large are being denied any time at all with my children when their doors are shut.  I know that as much as I want to keep the darlings all to myself every day and all day they have a greater purpose in life.  It is important that they go into the world learning, developing, growing just as the world must receive same back from them.  Ya.  That's it.

Funny I never saw a photographer while I danced....
So today I dance and I dance with abandon but again....I don't dance for me.  I dance for others.  Ya.  That's it.

Ok...you got me.  The other picture wasn't me.  This one is