Friday, February 22, 2013

What was I supposed to do today?

I may have reached...okay surpassed the time in my life where I need to start making lists.  It's not that I haven't tried it before but I am easily distracted.  I would start a list and then would have to redo it because I didn't like the order in which I had written it, or I would try and impress myself by adding chores to it that I had all ready completed just so I could run a line through them...a visual to myself if you will about my accomplishments.  If I successfully wrote out a list chances are I would lose it which if one were really organized would require another list telling me where all my safe places are....

In this modern day of technology all of the smart phones have the capacity to handle all kinds of lists and it would stand to reason that since my iPhone is rarely far from me it would make sense for me to use it to keep organized.  I should mention that 'reason' is not my middle name....nor is techy for that matter.  If I were to learn where and how in the phone to input all this important data in my head chances of me being able to relocate it would be slim.  I'm good like that.  I would then need a step by step list guiding me through the phone.

You see it really is a lost cause.

I am nothing however if not hopeful.  I am hopeful that I can start anew.  I won't go so far as to be all first world techy though.  No...I will keep it simple.  Baby steps.  Pen, paper and just a few attainable goals that need accomplished for the day.

If only I knew where I left my pen and paper.  Right...I left them with my littlest man....

Crap!  Where did I leave my littlest man.....

I'll keep you updated as to my progress.

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