Sunday, August 11, 2013

What a day it was

Remembering today how everyone came together to celebrate Ailish again a few months after she passed.  It was a beautiful day to release butterflies all holding a wish to take to my adored, forever missed girl.  The week before the big event we had been bombarded with rain.  I didn't know how the butterfly release would go.  I had borrowed huge umbrellas and prepared to have more people inside the house than out.  The day started out cloudy and threatening to let loose a torrent of water.  As it is with some things that are just meant to be everything falls into place.  An hour or so before the guests were to arrive there was nothing but blue sky and sun.  The umbrellas were put to good use but for shade not shelter.  Not more than minutes after the last guest left did the clouds returned and down it poured.

I have posted this more than once before but I do it again if not just for myself.

Enjoy by clicking on Ailish's name.


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