Saturday, August 10, 2013

Donkey Day

What could be better than a donkey in the family?!  This is 'E' (name withheld to protect his privacy and all).  No he does not live at our house though if Jordan had his way.... lets just say the pooper scooper would have to increase significantly in size.  This is the Nana's donkey.  Isn't he cute?  He is so calm.  So tolerant.  We loved him at first sight.  Well some of us did.  Some of us were more interested in the trampoline (aka money maker to orthopaedic surgeons everywhere) while some of us prayed that our time in the great outdoors would be limited.
It was a great afternoon of visiting, playing and relaxing...well we relaxed while some built a donkey pen but as this is all about us, it was relaxing.

So far this summer we have benefitted from friends with a pool, friends with a cabin at the lake and now extended family with cool pets.  What could be better?  Hey anyone have access to a private jet?  That would be fun!

Always prefers the backend of an animal thinking it is more predictable than the head.

Not particularly interested but gave the little fellow a pet

Trampolines are fun!!

Conclusion to a successful bum sit

I bet the donkey would like the trampoline

Donkey? What donkey?  Is that there Dr. Pepper over there for me?


Listen Donkey the chair is worth more than you so save your teeth for the chips

I think he is taking up modelling

Not a great picture but I liked the look of the herd of horses in the background

What donkey?

Loves loves loves the outside

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