Monday, August 26, 2013

If wishing made it so

Wouldn't it be great if the reason I haven't posted in days was because we were adjusting to the demands of a brand new baby?


A girl can continue to dream right?  Even if that 'girl' is like waaaay to old to be called a girl?

I have been having baby dreams where I am actually given the diagnosis of the baby that would find herself to me.  These diagnoses in the dream often have me researching in the morning as I dreamt terminology foreign to me.  These dreams have happened to me for a number of the kids before they came but not always right before maybe over a year or so.

The dream I had a couple of weeks ago showed me in a board room with a man and a woman.  The man had in his hand slips of paper that each held a profile of a child we had been matched with.

On my paper it read:  Four month old
                                  Choanal atresia
                                  Some term meaning cardiac but said it was treated
                                  Braille might be helpful in the future.

In my dream I tell myself to remember the spelling of the first term so I could look it up when I woke up!

Anywhoo all those things put together leads to a syndrome called Charge Syndrome.  This is a syndrome I have a basic knowledge of but certainly not the intricate details of it.

How weird is this?!

I have had another dream but a long long time ago in fact two years ago that said the baby would come home in May.  Coincidentally May is the only month we do not have a birthday under this roof.  Now if you do the math and depending if baby found her way to me this month and depending when in the month she was born, this baby could actually have been born in May!

Though the month is not over there is no new baby on the horizon for me that I am aware of but again if wishes could make it so.....

End result here is that if anyone knows of an infant girl diagnosed with Charge syndrome whose family is looking to place for adoption....I call DIBBS.

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