Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beauty from abroad

One of the teens is in Mexico for a week with her friend and friend's parents.
This is what she sent me last night.
The beauty of her design and the perfection of the pink (Ailish's signature colour) tones glowing as the sun set is just too much.
It overwhelms me.

That picture was followed by this.  Perhaps she felt it necessary as an illustration that she does in fact love and even miss me just a tad.  Her comment yesterday was that she missed the cats and me....equally.   I guess I cannot complain too much as the depth of her love for the felines is infinite.

This is the child crying over how much she was going to miss her cats.  The other one obviously has issues with goodbyes as she was no where to be found thereby missing being scooshed farewell. (she was probably finding a place to poop other than her litter box but I digress...)

A show of family pride for which I am grateful

Cabos San Lucas sunset

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