Friday, July 4, 2014

Parade Day

Third time is the charm!  I have tried three times to post about our morning at the Children's hospital mini parade yesterday and each time it failed.

The beginning of July is a big one for the city and the folks at the hospital don't want the families to miss out on everything due to an admission or current state of health.  They have a special section set out for kids from the oncology department, families come from the palliative care home on the property as well as the Ronald McDonald House.  Of course those of us in the community lucky enough not to be inpatient are also welcome.

She couldn't really see who all she was waving at but she had her best royal wave going on
With everyone having their own schedules of day programs and day camps I just had three of the little darlings with me.  We had a great time with the fine entertainment and perfect weather.  I am always appreciative of the special events that are put on in an attempt to make things more accessible allowing for participation where perhaps otherwise it would be too difficult.


PALS is a big part of the special events put on weekly in the hospital.

When I was growing up the street cleaners always got a big cheer from parade spectators due to the large number of horses that are included.  In the spirit of things they are now 'dressing' up too

Too polite to say but she is not a fan of character hugs this year!

He loves the characters and loves even more having his picture taken

WHAT?!  Anna and Elsa?! (oh and the other girl)  Could this day GET any better?!

I laughed when I took this picture with the look on the boy's face.  

Appears unimpressed being surrounded by princesses

Could he be more handsome?!


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