Monday, July 21, 2014

My Mutha

This is my mother.  At her request no funeral was held.  We decided that we still wanted to come together
which is what we did this past Saturday, four months after her passing. I had gathered the majority of the
photo albums and we spent the afternoon going through them reminding ourselves of her youth, our youth
 and learning new things about Mum.

It was a great afternoon and I would love it if we as a family would gather more.  It is hard.  Everyone leads
 very busy lives.  I have a million children, my sisters have huge responsibilities with their family owned
business and blah blah blah.  It would just be nicer if we weren't coming together because someone has died.

We have vowed to do better.

Gloria Allen

  • "R.I.P. Grandma."
    - Danielle Wheatley

Gloria Allen January 3, 1939 - April 9, 2014 April 9, 2014 at eleven o'clock pm Gloria Joan Allen took her last breath soon after her loving husband Bill gave her final kiss goodnight. Gloria was also surrounded by four of her children, a step daughter and some of her many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Her passing was sudden, unexpected and met with great sadness, longing and loss.

Gloria was born in England and immigrated with her parents and two of her three siblings to Canada at the age of sixteen, became a young bride at seventeen to Tom Wheatley and began growing their family of five children at age eighteen.

In 1969 Gloria and Tom divorced and as it was during those times Gloria raised the children primarily independently. There were difficulties, challenges and health scares but in the end Gloria prevailed. If raising five children was not enough Gloria became a foster parent preparing newborns to be received by their adoptive families usually about two to twelve weeks after she received them. It is to be sure that no baby was more cherished and set up with sweater sets so lovingly knit by Gloria herself. She also expanded her knitting talents to outfit the intensive care nurseries with hats and booties.

In 1979 Gloria married her beloved Bill (Jack). Together they travelled back and forth to the states and to visit family in BC. They continued to foster babies for a few more years sometimes having two at a time. After they discontinued offering refuge to vulnerable children Gloria volunteered as a "cuddle mum", going into the hospital to hold and feed premature babies. Gloria also was employed with Post Partum Helpers where she supported new mothers as they adjusted to their new roles and babies. After moving on from babies Gloria then volunteered at the Beverley Care Center. Gloria was happiest when she was productive and helping others. She also enjoyed participating in her water aerobics with her friends.

Gloria is missed and mourned by her husband Bill (Jack), children Linda (Jim), Pauline (Russ), Patricia, Tom (Lorraine), Darlene and stepdaughters Sharon (Doug) and Shelley (Todd), twenty-seven grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren.

Gloria was predeceased by her parents Joseph and Lillian (Joan) Burnett, brother Barry and granddaughter Ailish. Surviving brothers are Michael (Zeta) and Joseph (Heather).

Forever loved. Forever missed.

All kinds of sweetness
You know I had to get my adorableness from somewhere!

This is the house I was raised in, built the year I was born. When I look at this picture I can remember what each cupboard held and just where everything was situated.
unfortunately I got her adorableness as a child but not her adult beauty

My stepfather

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