Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Canada!

Today is Canada Day.  

I had plans of a lovely time at the park then coming home to splash in the wading pool and barbecue.

Plans are great aren't they?

Both teens were off doing their own thing so it was just going to be me and the remaining nine.  I thought we would play on the equipment, shoot some hoops and kick a soccer ball around.

Perhaps I was not clear enough with the children that today was to be a fun day as in F.U.N.

They had other plans of misery, negative behaviours, tantrums and invading other people's picnics.

We lasted an hour before I packed it in.

Luckily we went to this same park weeks ago and had a great time so it is those pictures I will share instead. ;)  The teens were not in attendance this day either.  I can't understand why.

I have decided our park of choice is the one at the children's hospital.  It is adapted, has loads of benches for the big kids to sit on and on the weekend there are very few families to compete with.  This is very helpful if six feet and 270 pounds decides he wants to stand atop the equipment.  Most parents are not very receptive to that when their two year old who is much smaller and has less grey hair than mine is playing in the same spot.  This park and its lack of weekend visitors allows my kids to participate in activities appropriate to their cognitive development but maintains their dignity in not having a large audience.

She makes a beeline for this swing and stays there for the majority of time

Many smiles that day.  Notsomuch today.

Tomorrow is a new day.


Happy Birthday Canada.  I am grateful each and every day that this is where I was born and where I raise my children.

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The Kings said...

Cool park! That swing is awesome!