Monday, March 23, 2015

movie stars

This past weekend two of the participated in the filming of a promotional video regarding cerebral palsy and living a life without limits.  The location was at a local stable and as part of the deal the eight year old got a short riding lesson.  She was thrilled.  The little prince due to a complete inability to open his legs due to hip dislocation and spasticity did not ride however made quite the impression on a young filly name Cassie.  She thought he smelled delicious!

                                                  There was grooming to be done

Plenty of support for safety

A new lesson in courage.  Horses are big, scary and their heads are unpredictable
There was a group of kids included in the video as well each with varying degree of cerebral palsy.  They were all within a year of each other.  They sure had a good time together

There's a Hollywood saying that states never to work with children or animals.  Though things went very smoothly I can see why that old adage came to be.

Trying to get his courage on

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