Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Technology and bowling

 Last year the child's school told me something that you would think would be common sense.  Unfortunately that is something I am a little shy on especially when it comes to technology.

Here it is.  For those with vision impairments you can use your iPad etc to zoom in the direction of what it is you are trying to see thereby making it so you CAN see it!

I know right?!

We have bowled a few times and though the eight year old has a lot of functional vision the pins are just too far away and she has no clue except by sound if she has hit anything.  Today I brought the iPad mini and showed her how to use it, what she was aiming at along with encouraging her to listen more for the different sounds of pins getting hit versus not.  It's cumbersome to do it for every turn but having used the iPad it gave her the frame of reference that everyone else has when bowling.

It was also great to have the iPad to take pictures and
videos of her friend that we had for a playdate.

A great time was had by all in attendance with the game lasting the perfect amount of time before they were done with it and ready for lunch.

Happy bowler

The little prince did some bowling too though there are no action shots to prove it.  He's a little extra 'chesty' right now and every time he is transferred from one position to another he starts hacking up a lung and spewing all kinds of white foam (should this have had a disclaimer?  Sorry too late).  Our little playdate saw it happen once and started gagging and for all's benefit the little prince became a champion spectator.  The bowling alley was very full and it was likely he would have cleared it with what I'm sure people would have thought was tuberculosis, typhoid or rabies so staying put in his chariot was the better option.

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