Friday, September 13, 2013

Just Hush!

Have you ever said anything so completely stupid and idiotic in front of people who don't know you?  Have you ever used words or sentences in an effort to convey a message but in the end the message you convey is that you are a horrible beast (and not in a good way)?

That was me today.  I cringe at my word choice.  I worry that I did not effectively correct what was done.  I worry that I could in any way be taken seriously at those words.

Normally I make such errors when I am being my normal sarcastic jackass self.  Unfortunately this was directed towards professionals about one of my adored ones.

Attempting to let it go.  Hoping the words are forgotten and what they commonly connote and not what I meant.

I believe in the philosophy less is more.  Too bad I did not practice it when speaking today..

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