Monday, September 23, 2013

Pretty please

I don't normally ask for things like this.  I don't normally ask for much of anything from anybody really unless it's something for which I am giving compensation (don't believe anything anybody tells you!).

This week has the potential to be life changing.  Sounds dramatic eh?

There are two things being brought to two different tables this week.

Both of these issues involve change in legal status of one and the possibility of growing the family via a route that I thought was permanently closed to us.  I desperately want both of these things to have the outcomes I have been dreaming about for YEARS.

I would welcome any and all positive vibes sent our way.


Anonymous said...

Positive vibes being sent your way . We will keep our fingers crossed that life turns out the best way possible for your sweet family .

Tricia wheatley said...

thank you! :)