Tuesday, September 3, 2013

pleasant surprise

I have so much to say about this year's first day of school but have not found all the words and energy.  Suffice it to say that never mind the six degrees of Kevin Bacon in this house there is six degrees to Ailish Angelia.

I will leave you with this however....

I spoke with the my adored six year old new to grade two child's teacher after school with this being the first day and surprisingly enough to me she sounded all sober and everything!

If you have done any reading here and have learned of the unique qualities that make up my princess this indeed is a surprising feat!  Not only was I surprised on the the teacher's state of sobriety I was also very happy to learn that it is the same teacher as last year.  This means the darling is in a grade one/two split class which ordinarily I am not a fan of but I think is the right move for the child.  I do not soft cell the challenges educating her presents.  I truly am surprised if not shocked that a teacher would sign up again if there was an option not too.  I fully believe that this particular teacher definitely graduated top half of her class and feel really fortunate that we can benefit again from her teaching.  The familiarity that teacher and student will all ready have will decrease adjustment and the learning curve in the getting to know you phase that occurs the beginning of every year.  It is highly possible we have fallen into our own Annie Sullivan!

Love her Love her Love her beyond measure!  (however my camera and I might be breaking up due to the quality of this picture!)

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