Friday, January 9, 2015


So this is happening.  Again.

Last year was the year of the vapour barrier.  Three bedrooms worth of drywall coming down, trouble spots treated, vapour barrier installed, drywall up, mudding, sanding, painting, baseboards, clean up etc etc.  Don't I sound knowledgeable?  I know right?  I should have some grasp of the process being that we have been through it enough times.  Gratefully it is not me doing the work!  My efforts are better spent crabbing about it all being that a person should stick with what they know....

Our problem is that the house has about three different ages.  The front part of the house is I believe over fifty years old.  Turns out houses have a best before date and we have reached it at the front.  Moisture is getting in and growing mold in corners.  Rumour has it that mold is bad for a person plus black is not a good colour on walls.  The back part of the house is eleven years old.  We had renos done organized by a charitable organization and completed by local builders.  They gratefully added on nine hundred square feet all of which is wheelchair accessible.  Not a day goes by that I am not appreciative of the generosity of strangers.  We are a lucky lucky family.

The basement has been done a couple of times with water issues, development, renovations of the early development. You get the picture.

This will be done quickly, efficiently and properly so my whining will be short lived.  At least in regards to this issue.  My talent is that I can always find something to whine about.  It's a gift really.

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