Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Archie comics?

On the news last night one of the top stories (or so it seemed as I saw it three times and again this morning as the news repeats the stories every half hour) was of a man who has spent two years researching Archie comics.  TWO YEARS.  ARCHIE COMICS.  Then he wrote a book.

I have many questions and concerns about this most importantly and top of my list....
did anyone PAY you to spend two years to read comic books?


there is an orphan crises in many parts of the world
climate change is threatening the earth
populations around the world are starving to death
genocide exists
terrorism is spreading
children are spending their lives in foster care in North America
thousands of diseases remain without cures
etc etc etc

That all being said and you thought your big brain was best spent researching and studying the intricacies of the personalities of fictional cartoon characters and their relationships with other fictional cartoon characters?

I have to say I think this project beats the funded research project regarding the cause of obesity in cats.
I realize I am not that bright and definitely do not have any neuron in my brain that is scientifically inclined but isn't this an "uh.....duh!" sort of question?

Speaking of "uh....duh".... is there anyone on the planet that has read Archie comics that doesn't know that Betty was a stalker and Jughead a pothead?  I don't think it takes two years to figure that out!

I don't know.  Maybe I'm just cranky.

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