Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Eve letter to Santa

Letter to Santa.  First Donovan tried his hand at some printing but the stress became too much for him so Malia took over.  I will admit that I offered my two cents into what the letter might contain.
Of course there were the obligatory cookies, a choice between M&M cookies of shortbread.  It appears Santa had a hankering for shortbread.  The reindeer only nibbled on the carrots.  The chocolate milk seemed to go down smoothly.

Of course Santa always takes the time to write back.  Sorry if he was late getting to any of your houses.

 The letter back was a little worse for wear by the time I thought I should take a picture.  It's a little hard to read.  It appears Santa was afraid he was running out of room and started writing smaller and smaller.  I suppose the late hour or very early morning such as it might have been when he was here might have played a role.

My kids were happy.  I hope all of yours were too.

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