Thursday, May 28, 2015

Adoption progress.

A couple of weeks ago I excitedly posted here about a potential situation in my quest to adopt again.  I thought I should post an update on the progress since that post.


That's me laughing at you thinking ANYTHING had happened as this is a government situation.  I believe I have mentioned before that breaking a child out of foster care requires the skills of a hostage negotiator.  This folks is no lie.

I guess you could say there has been a little bit of progress.  I was able to connect with the case worker of the baby and just the other day the team leader.  The case worker is now on vacation for a couple of weeks so I am encouraging the team leader to continue on with helping me on my quest to bring this baby home.  Last word was she was going to look into it.

The legalities to this situation have not all played out yet. The baby is not legally free for adoption but this is expected within months.  The birth father has not been confirmed though it's my thought he might never be.

The bigger issue because the baby is in government care is getting my region on board.  As baby would come from a few hours north my region will have to accept the supervision of the file until baby is free and clear and then they would have to process the adoption.  This is my understanding of the process.  My region will not be thrilled to undertake this.

I'm hoping my advocacy skills are in tip top shape and effective.  I have begun working on the big guns down here and he has yet to respond back to me.  He is a lovely fellow and I really like him we just have a difference of opinion in regards to my family growth.  He probably got my email and hasn't been sober since.

I won't let the week end without further contact with someone else.

Persistence is my middle name

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