Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Here is the update....

To begin with I will tell you if this situation works out it will be a govt adoption. This is where the trouble lies. The govt adoption program is very difficult to navigate especially if you are not their most desirable family. Their risk assessment is always very high and they one hundred percent do not like large families and take into account I am a single parent it makes it that much worse for them. They have little understanding of families with disabilities which adds to their prejudice.

Shockingly the social worker called me back at exactly the time I said I was available between appointments. She was very grateful I called, wants to meet (a month from now so I need to change that)etc and sounded very positive. I laid all the cards on the table i.e. single, old, lots of kids with disabilities. She did not hang up on me. I told her (we are in a different region of the province) that my region would put up a stink so this might not be easy. This did not phase her. 

Doesn't this sound very very positive?! Unfortunately the ease of the interaction etc leads me to the undeniable conclusion that the worker is naive and has no idea what she's in for. I told her I would be willing to have tea with the minister of social services over this adoption if necessary. (It would be helpful if the chosen minister isn't a teenager which is highly possible after this last election).

An encouraging beginning but we shall see.

Baby has just turned one year old.

Keep the good vibes coming!

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