Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day

Here it is Mother's Day weekend.  Today the day before is traditionally known as Birth Mother's Day where we can separately celebrate women who chose adoption for their children.  I believe last weekend it was Bereaved Mother's Day which as the name denotes is to recognize those mothers whose children have passed away.

I have varied opinions on all of these different days but the one that prevails is this.....

No matter how motherhood has come to you, no matter the prefix of stepmother, birth mother, adoptive mother, foster mother bereaved mother or just regular came to motherhood the most traditional way mother we are all simply just MOTHERS.

All mothers whether our children are in our arms, in the arms of others or in the arms of Jesus have struggles.  We all have challenges and obstacles to overcome.  Motherhood is H.A.R.D in all forms.  There's successes, joys, frustrations, sadness, exhaustion, desires for things to be different, profound happiness, excitement, grief.  Pick an adjective and likely it can likely be used to describe being someone's mother.

I realize my opinion is not shared by all however I don't think we need to separate ourselves into distinct  categories thereby polarizing us.

Being a mother is the most difficult position to have but the one that has the most rewards.  For some the outcomes are not desirable.  For the mother who has lost her child the grief is immeasurable and never-ending.  She is only able to find comfort with the memories that she had her child for but a short time.  She is a mother nonetheless and needs to be celebrated.  For the mothers who are not raising their children either of their choosing or by way of unnamed reasons and have no knowledge as to the health and well being of their children they too need to be celebrated.  The world is a better place because the children they birthed are in it.  They need to be celebrated.  For those mother's who placed their children in open adoptions you need to be celebrated and congratulated.  Because of your decision a new family has been created with you in it and though it might be difficult at times you get to be witness to your child growing up.

All of us raising children can rejoice that not only do we provide love and so much more to a child that those same children love us!  There is not a better feeling in the world.

To the mothers who have birthed all of my children be rest assured that you are in my heart forever.

To my mother gone now for one year....I love you, I miss you and think of you every day.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Beautiful family. Beautiful mother.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sentiment.

Have you ever posted a list of who lives in your home (ages and diagnoses)? I'm just interested in what specifically you are dealing with.
I live in BC and really desire to foster and/or adopt when I am stable enough (I'm 21).

Tricia wheatley said...


The Kings said...

YOU should be Mother of the Century!

Tricia wheatley said...

You are easy to impress Lisa!