Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Stats I learned today

Stats I learned today.  Out of a class of 25 students 2 officially have IPPs however five more should have them giving a total of seven specialized learners.  Topping it off there is what I would consider to be a high number of english as a second language kids.  These numbers are significant and when you hear about government wanting to promote more inclusive education for kids with significant cognitive disabilities and in the next breath cut funding for support staff we ALL need to be concerned.

In order for kids with disabilities to grow and develop their potential they require additional attention from trained staff.  For the typical learners it is necessary that their educations not be compromised by the needs of others   If teachers are left  shorthanded or even alone in the classroom there is no way that quality education is provided to anyone.  This in my opinion further snowballs into teacher burnout and either leaving the profession or worse not being fully fit to do their best.

My eyes have really been opened these past three school years in having the eight year old in a typical classroom working at grade level.  I know not all educators are created equal but the experience the child has had in her school has been nothing less than exemplary.   She has been the beneficiary of highly motivated, energetic caring teachers and administrators who even when being on the receiving end of some of her most challenging behaviours still genuinely care for her and are able to see beyond her words and actions to see the wonderful human being that she is.

I am beyond grateful.  The child has to leave her current school and begin grade four in another in September.  I am not happy about it which is another whole story on education and the learner with disabilities but there will be some positives to look forward to.  If the professionals that have been working with us these past three years are any indication as to educators throughout the school system I am sure she will be in excellent hands.

Today was a field trip to the Science centre which is essentially a kids hands on museum. It's the first time I had been to it so was quite impressed.  When schools go there are scheduled classroom programs.  Our first one involved creating something that moved on a board with bevelled gears etc.  I was very grateful that the rule for the adults in attendance was that we were to be completely hands off.  It has come to my attention that it is highly possible I would not be able to pass grade three again.
creating electrical energy

Ball run....creating a pathway for a marble to go down at the slowest  speed

Look at the size of that slide.  Huge climb on the rope wall to get up there

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