Monday, September 24, 2012

First Parent Teacher Conference

Had my first parent teacher interview for little Miss Grade Oner.  I pretty much knew how things are going at school for her and her poor suffering teachers but it was good to sit down with most of them and recap.  There have been some successes in the last three weeks e.g. her attempts at hitting, kicking etc are half hearted some days.  Baby steps.  She has friends.  Huge worry of mine.  I was afraid that with the disruptive behaviour she was throwing out that none of the kids would like her.  Lucky for her it hasnt been too much an issue thus far.  

She kissed a classroom assistant last week.  Guess what?  That's a problem for them.  The child felt all warm and fuzzy at school for at least that moment and demonstrated it by giving a peck on the cheek and though it hasnt happened before or since it was brought up.  If I had a choice and I was the teaching staff I would choose the warm and fuzzy Malia over the rabid one but maybe that's just me.  I understand their concern particularly in this day and age so don't want to belittle it but the contradiction amuses me somewhat.

Basically no surprises.  One thing was brought up at the end however.  They are afraid to take the child on the field trip.  In June.....

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Rachel K said...

Malia is just the cutest munchkin. She looks like the sweetest little girl. What you said can't be true, she looks too sweet to be rabid.