Thursday, September 6, 2012

Third day is not too early to have someone fired is it?

Day three is not too soon for me to want a classroom assistant fired is it?  I didn't think so either.

I was speaking with a woman who is not my child's regular assistant but was assisting in some behaviour management yesterday and was questioning her about the chain of events, the "quiet room", its use etc.  At some point in her explanation she proceeds to say to me that she worked with ANOTHER child with ODD (oppositional defiant disorder).

S'cuse me?!  You are the classroom assistant and you have diagnosed my child with a mental disorder under the DSM, throwing the label around like its nothing.  "uh listen lady"  I said (no I didn't) Malia does not have a diagnosis of ODD."  "She doesn't?  Oh...well...we dont have much information on her"  Uh ya, ya do as I listed every diagnosis she had on the registration sheet and you should have her previous program records.  "YOU"RE FIRED!!!" I yelled through the phone (no I didn't).

Here's the thing....  It has crossed my mind in the last two years that the ODD label might be in the child's future.  ADD might be more initials associated with her, I don't know.  What I do know is that it is DAY 3 of a full day program packed with expectation she is F.I.V.E years old and  has BRAIN DAMAGE.  Each one of her current diagnosis outside of just her age can be associated with behaviours and by behaviours I don't mean quiet, discrete ones.  I know she is hell on wheels and is putting you through your paces.  It is highly likely that you have not seen her charming side or the really funny side of her either so you perhaps have not yet found the little something that you can be fond of.  That being said....unless you have your doctorate in psychology and my permission to give the kid a full assessment....keep your staff room diagnosing to yourself and especially do NOT hang a label on a kid that could have a huge detrimental effect on her future while in the school system.
Here I was going to come bearing alcohol and chocolate tomorrow to soothe all the shattered nerves of the week caused by my princess and perhaps suggest to them that coming to school drunk for a while might be a nice option for them but now No!  They've blown it!

Oppositional Defiant Disorder!  They can kiss my fat white shiney caboose if they think my kid has that!  I mean...where would she get that from, stupid people in authority!  Make me soo so mad all the time!  Hmmm...I'll think on that a bit...
What the problem might be is they are under stimulating the child.  I mean look here at home she is doing a total knee replacements via iPad!

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