Thursday, September 27, 2012


Things said to my precious in grade one every day by teaching staff (as told to me by said student)

"Malia!  I don't like you anymore!"

"Malia!  Go to your bed at your home!"

"Malia!  I don't love you anymore!"

Then they have the nerve and audacity to
   squeeze her leg
   pinch her leg
   whack her on the head
   hit her on her chest
   slap her hand
   kick her

It would appear I would need to go to the school and have some folks fired at the very least however.... I know the child and what comes out of her mouth.  She has a tendency towards dyslexia when recounting events.  What she says they did....she did.I told them at the beginning of the year that it was possible when angry the child would say that her sisters had done any number of the aforementioned things to her and that perhaps I had a go at her too. I asked that before they called Child Welfare I should give them the list of things they had done to her at school.  We might all be on the same page.  Here's hoping.

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