Monday, September 17, 2012

Grade one

 This is what came home with Malia today.  With only a small amount of help to compensate for vision she was able to read the whole page.  Below are the reading words for this week....
that is hand over hand printing
Here's the big problem.  Malia has essentially no printing skills.  She can print her first name.  That's it.  She can type her full name and on a good day her middle one too.

The directions as you can see are for her to use the first three words in a sentence.  Malia has no concept of what that means.  Do typical grade ones have this skill?  This is the first week they are getting down to business as the first two were setting the routine etc.

I know that in this age of technology that adaptations can be made for the child's lack of scribing ability however she should have the skill unless of course we are uncovering a learning disability?  Perhaps I have failed the child in my choice of preschool education leaving her grossly unprepared for grade one?

This is new ground for me people.  I have three other kids that read but at this age their programs were significantly modified and in a specialized setting.  This is the real deal.

In doing the homework tonight I discovered I am not set up for her to be successful positioning wise to compensate for her vision.  I think it is easily rectified but in watching her attempt to do some printing and reading it was a struggle as she couldn't see what she needed to in order to copy etc.  She needs to nearly put her eyeball on what she is reading.

Parent teacher interviews are this Friday.  It should be a rousing good time for all concerned.  I'm showing up drunk....


Anne :) said...

Tricia, would the flat sheets help her? They go over print and enlarge so anyone with vision problems can see things more clearly.

Also, if she is having problems with her handwriting, there is a program that most Occupational Therapists use called "handwriting without tears" She may need a wider pencil or just need help positioning her pencil.

Tricia wheatley said...

Thanks! She is attending the designated school for kids who are blind or have visual impairments. We should be able to get set up there. It was just at home sitting at the kitchen table etc she is improperly positioned to be able to see and print. Something as simple as a booster should fix us right up but this is all knew for us. Thanks for the program name! I will look right into it