Saturday, September 15, 2012

Race Day

Today was race day otherwise known as the Cerebral Palsy Association's Life Without Limits Challenge.  You can run, walk, wheel your way through a course that is as much as twenty kilometres or whatever distance you choose to do.  We have overdone it other years so most of us did maybe a total of two km while some of the others with a sister at the healm did a whopping ten!  The weather was great, company even better and all in all a great event.  Malia got to emcee a bit.  Being this year's poster girl she was also given the award for most enthusiastic participant and one with the most attitude.  How they came up with that last part I have no idea!

We all did well with only one small seizure on the walk.  No one fell, short of one tiny spill off the bike and there were few tears from everyone.  The only use we made of the first aid people was in them taking our picture.  A successful day from all accounts.  Days without bloodshed are considered a success (we won't count a small scrape on Amanda's finger).
A day well worth the effort to be sure.

Don't they look eager, my motley crew of athletes?

an adapted bike we are trying out.  A few alterations and by the end of the week the bike should be hers

I know.  Can you say adorable?

trying her hand at the mike.  Too bad she couldn't remember the song she regaled us with all supper "we are never,ever,ever, getting back together..."

Look at me!  I am wearing a shirt that in some circles indicates I participated in an athletic activity perhaps even  hinting I was an athlete.  This is how you can lie with photography...