Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I have nothing if not restraint....

I will thank you all to congratulate me on my restraint today.  Miss Malia's school called today hoping I could calm the child down after she had fallen on the playground and skinned her knee.  When the child sees blood on herself hysteria ensues.  When put on the phone she sobbed and sobbed telling me she had fallen and hurt her knee "really, really badly".  She then proceeded to tell me that I needed to come and pick her up right now.  Between the sobbing and pleading for me to come get her I nearly came undone.  I almost went to get her.  For realz.  But I didn't as that in the end would have served my needs and her immediate but not long term need to develop coping mechanisms.  I hate thinking long term sometimes.  Have no doubt if the wound was significant or perhaps on her head etc I would have commandeered a chopper to get to her but...it was a skinned knee.

The reason for the bandaid on the outside of her tights?  She will never let anyone get near a wound.  School has a need to cover wounds.  I see how they compromised.  I still have yet to see the gaping cause of today's drama as I am not to touch it or her leg will surely fall off.

The child is home from school now and she seems not to hate me nor begrudge the fact I did not come rushing to her in her hour of need.  I on the other hand still wish I had...glad I didn't...but still.  It's for the greater good.  It's for the greater good.

Let the applause, pats on the back and congratulatory messages flow.

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