Monday, March 11, 2013

Fortune telling

 We had Chinese food last night which came with a schwack load of fortune cookies.
Last night this was my fortune.
It totally says I'm going to adopt another baby!!
The whole patience thing is getting really old though.  I think four years is waay long enough.  That's double the gestation of an elephant and though I might be seen as having the saggy wrinkly skin of the pachyderm and perhaps the backside of one too does not mean I need align myself with twice their reproductive cycles.
I can hardly wait to make the calls!

Here's today's fortune.  I could stand to be corrected but I believe this message is directing me to place the call to our plastic surgeon tomorrow.  Course he only works paediatrics but I figure since he works at the Children's hospital and they owe me BIG TIME I think we can work out a deal on a radical face lift and whatever else it will take to make me beautiful and young looking.  I am sure it will start with a sandblaster but as long as I'm asleep for the procedures and unconscious for the following week courtesy of massive amounts of narcotics, I'm good.

Let the adventure begin!

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