Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sweet 16

The big and swanky Sweet 16 party is finally here.  I decided a year ago that I wanted to do a big event  for these two great and magnificent daughters of mine.  Yes I know I make loads of what I think are hysterical, sarcastic  comments about them and may have even been heard to complain about life with teen girls but the reality is these two are the best.

They are what are called artificial twins in adoption lingo.  They are three weeks apart with one born in February and one in March.  They very much lived twin lives as little girls but since junior high school and now high school they have began finding their own ways with different interests and very different points of view.  

Personality wise these two couldn't be any further apart on the spectrum.  One is very outgoing, loud and gregarious.  There is generally no doubting what this girl is thinking and feeling at any given time.  The other is very quiet while in the company of those outside the immediate family and is introspective with very strong opinions and if she feels the need is courageous in expressing them.
Where there is no denying their sameness is in their belief that everyone is equal and deserving of respect.  They are champions not only of their siblings with greater challenges than their own but to those in the community at large.  They are not afraid to take on a cause and run with it and have proven themselves to be valuable members of society

Both girls face daily challenges.  One has a multitude of physical issues along with developmental that make facing each day a struggle while the other has less physical but also must meet each day with a brave face.  When you look up the word heroic in the dictionary make no mistake about whose pictures will be there.

I love these daughters of mine fiercely and should you hear me gringe and complain about the raising of  teenagers remember though sometimes the day to day might cause me to rant and rave it is not humanly possible for me to love them more.

I dare you to say your kids are better than mine!


Anne said...

What a beautiful post!!!!

Happy Sweet 16 to both of your beautiful daughters. :)

The Kings said...

Wow - I didn't know you had two girls so close together. That's so lovely and they sound and look like beautiful girls, inside and out.