Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday sun and snow

It was a beautiful day to play yesterday.  The Wheatley's by nature are not outdoor folk and most especially not winter outdoor enthusiasts.  I am hoping that perhaps Malia might enjoy it more and since she is eager to do most things we had a fun time.  

We started first by building a snowman.  Being a little shy on pebbles etc we improvised with crackers for facial features and buttons.  Great, right?  It was until the dog discovered this was an edible snowman.... 

After our creative juices were spent I introduced the child to the exciting wonderful ride that is a Krazy carpet.  Unfortunately the snow is a little deep on the hill so it wasn't the wild treacherous ride it was when I was a kid which is just as well as I had not helmetized the child.
Nothing says fun like shoving your kid down a hill....

The boy lasted only about twenty minutes before he realized that contrary to the nature of his people he is not outdoorsy.

Phoenix is always up for laughing at the antics of her siblings and watching one hurl herself down a snowy hill is no exception.  She on the other hand has learned in her nineteen years that snow is cold, is only for eating and certainly not for crawling around in no matter how fun the ride is.

 Nessa, not to be outdone ran around like a crazy dog.  She loves loves loves the snow and can't get enough of it.
Flying doodle

We now anxiously await spring where we can spend our outdoors time basking in the sun on the patio swing and not fight over patches of sun beam on the carpet.

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