Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Annual Ailish Angelia Easter Egg Hunt

Today we hosted the first of what I hope to be annual Ailish Angelia Easter Egg Hunt.  For how much I drove myself crazy about it I think it was a success and everyone seemed happy as they left.

I had wanted to have the Easter egg hunt the year Ailish died but I had something else in mind...something a bit more grand than what I put on today but with Easter falling only about a month after she died nothing panned out.  Last year was the one year anniversary and we escaped to Disneyland leaving little time and emotional reserve to plan anything.

True to form I decided late in the game this year to get the hunt up and running.  I decided starting small would be the way I would go and perhaps develop some organization skills over the next twelve months (a girl can dream) and have it grow next year.  The goal is to offer a fun accessible Easter activity for children with special needs and their families.  

Think good thoughts that I can get my lazy procrastinating butt to make the next hunt a bigger, better event worthy of carrying Ailish's name.

Unfortunately I did not get as many pictures of the kids as I would have liked but that is always the way with parties.  Some of my kids are not egg hunters or candy eaters so they stayed inside and had full access to the lunch on the table

Isn't his banner beautiful?  I love it and am grateful for the kindness, generosity and talent of the man who made it.

Attempts at decorating.  Not so Pinterest ready I don't think

half the table (I'm practicing with a new camera lens)

yes that is snow and the remnants of what was a cool (get it?  Cool? I kill myself!) snowman one of the neighbours made

Having sooo much fun!

Loves to hunt for eggs!

I love this picture!

Quite the haul for someone who eats zero candy

I told the kid that no matter what the calendar says and whether or not the odd ladybug can be spotted, in this province it is still winter!  But you go ahead there Sista and wear your little summer dress...

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