Monday, April 1, 2013

Sweet 16 party

Here are some of the pictures taken from the teens Sweet 16 party in early March.  It was loads of fun and scored me big points on the mother scale for at least a week after.  I am now of course back in my place.  I have ten years to recover before I have to plan another.  I might be ready by then.

I swear there was no alcohol at the party yet here they are hugging!

photo booth corner was fun

candy bar!  Thank you TLC's Four Weddings show

they all danced almost the entire time

teen friendly buffet....was perfect

DJ enforced adult embarrassment 

candy bags and personalized water bottles

it was like herding cats to get them organized for this picture


gorillabuns said...

Man, you REALLY went all out! How wonderful! The party looked like it was a blast! You are such a wonderful mother!

The Kings said...

Wow what an amazing party!!! Lucky girls. Looked like a great night.

Katie said...

Wow, good times! Everyone looks great, and really happy. A party to remember for sure.