Thursday, April 18, 2013


In the last hours or minutes before the alarm went this morning I was dreaming about us preparing to attend my youngest's funeral.  It was the day of and it dawned on me that I had not informed some of my family members that he had died.

I'm sure there is a way longer blog post to this but it remains slightly early to be coherent.

Suffice it to say that though Prince H does have a tenuous hold on life if you listen to textbooks he is for the most part healthy in spite of his yucky fever and cold right now.

I know where the dream came from as I had read about a baby I had been following who had hydranencephaly (like Ailish) who passed away a couple of days ago and read it right before sleep.  The not telling people must be because the family chose not to be apart of the internet family for children with hydranencephaly and so we did not find out until last night.  We all cyberloved on this baby as we waited for her to find her forever family.

Sweet adorable baby Clara.  Find Ailish up there won't you and give her a giant squeeze and kiss from her mother.

Oh...and you won't be seeing my H up there for a really really really long time!

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