Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A vent

Have you ever had people in your life where you think, I would totally do the time if it meant you were no longer in my life?  I might be having a day I'm not sure.

I think in everyone's life we have those folks whether they be family members, employers, coworkers etc.  They really detract from our quality of life but for some of them we have no choice but to develop the skills to deal with them.  That would be the mature thing anyways.  Tonight I'm having a foot stomping, head banging just give me a half a bottle of ativan and I'll be fine time.

You would think you get to an age where more things roll off your back and you get riled up less by things.  To some extent that is true for me.  Unfortunately however I have become less tolerant of invasive pain in the ass type folks and definitely less willing to accept stupidity from people.  I'm not talking about the people who have come about their problems honestly and have a lower IQ.  I am talking about the honest to goodness I have no common sense, no consideration and big BIG boundary issues types.  Those are the ones I have a hit on at this ripe old age.

Maybe I should give sedation a try....

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