Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dog on mom convo

 Sooo,ya, since I have your attention I thought maybe we should have a little dog on mom convo.  So like ya know how you thought I was becoming more trustworthy about stuff and you even told people that maybe you liked me and thought I was a good dog?  Well in the interest of honesty and constructive were wrong and if you ask me a bit stupid too.  Don't you know that as dogs once we find a delectable treat such as say....underwear...... Oh sorry.  I got a little dreamy eyed thinking about them.  Anyways once we find something we really like it's like, hmmm  how should I put it?  Have you ever heard the phrase "a dog going after a bone"?  Well it's like that only way way better.

As far as the trustworthy idea goes with you not doing your due diligence and closing the door to the downstairs.... Well let's just say...shame on you!  How can I be blamed for getting into dirty diapers when it's like I was invited to have them?  I know you can see my point.

I think that if you should be mad or disappointed in anybody it should be yourself.  I am just a dog after all.  Yes I know there are all kinds of videos on YouTube about all the clever things dogs are doing and then there's those blasted Service Dogs who if you ask me ruined it for all dogs but in all seriousness you just can't expect that much out of me.  I'm not that bright. But in my defense...neither are you and you are supposed to be the Alpha.  Just sayin
Since I have your attention....

It would make things so much easier if you would just put undergarments and socks in my food dish

If it helps any I really do love you even though you are quite a stupid human

I'm so glad we could have this chat

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