Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This might be a bit of a rant....maybe just a little

It's not just my life that is tied up in bureaucracy is it?  Everyone has to deal with it?  The systems that we deal with on a daily basis that run so scared from liability that they tie themselves up in so much red tape that they paralyze themselves and everyone around them from taking any positive action.

School systems....hey about instead of caring whether or not I have just the right criminal record check instead of a standardized one accepted by each school in the system (did you know that each check is enviournment specific?) you check your school security.  The way it works at one of the schools is a person could enter the school without knowledge of the staff and do some serious harm before anyone knew he was there.   If I want to volunteer at each of my kids different schools I have to have clearance forms from each school.  They are all under one board....

PDD otherwise known as persons with developmental disabilities has itself so wound tight that programs, that is if there are any adult day programs left with the new cuts, essentially destroy what the education system helped accomplish for said people with disabilities because of misguided intentions.

Social Services as in foster care and adoption in their quest to provide what is in the 'best interests' of children also run scared of what and how the media will portray any perceived transgressions.  This then (in my opinion of course) does as much potential emotional damage as what the families of origin have done.  Who is the winner?  Often times it sure isn't the children entrusted in their care.

The healthcare system that we depend on to keep us and our loved ones well including doctors, nurses, nursing aides, lab technicians etc etc is bent on protecting those who screw up.  I am all for growth and development and not paralyzing those that make errors.  Medicine is flawed as are the humans that provide it.  It is a risk to be in the profession and put all you have into helping people but the fact is we all make mistakes.  If we are not informed of our mistakes how can we grow and not make similar errors in the future.  A system that says "we don't want to point fingers and blame" is not being accountable.  I will point the finger then.  It was you dopey, inattentive nurse and your LPN counterpart whose only skills seem to be to follow a step by step care plan with zero critical thinking.  It was you, bottom half of your class pain service resident.  It was you miserable, uncaring pain service nurse.  It was you Dr Moron radiologist who can't see a head about to internally explode.  You guys all screwed up.  My kid is dead maybe because of you, maybe not but you lot contributed to how and when it all went down.  Up your game or get out of it!

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