Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beyond words

This is my one woman wrecking crew?  Isn't she just too much for words?  I love her more than their are words to express.   From the moment her feet hit the ground in the morning until she climbs into bed at night she is on the go.  Years ago the theory was that kids with disabilities would max out their skill development at about age ten.  Phoenix has proven that to be wrong.  Certainly nothing the child has learned to do in the last few years is going to get her on track for university or even from physically or cognitively leaving preschool developmentally.  Far from it.  What she has learned to do however is communicate her needs and preferences better.  This is huge in a person's life and is something that we all take for granted.  To be able to indicate to any average nonspecifically trained person that not only do you want a drink but you want milk over water and chocolate if you have it increases a persons quality of life tenfold.

I have said for years that just because a person is unable to communicate by way of words, signs or gestures does not mean they are not saying something.  They are actually talking all the time it just takes someone willing to listen to hear them.

According to new drastic cuts from our government in its funding of programs for adults with disabilities more folks than not need to get out and get jobs.  No lie...they are talking about my kids too who have little to no self help skills.  I was thinking Phoenix being that she graduates this year for the last time (drama last year in another post) that demolition could be on her resume.  She has the skills if only someone would give her the opportunity to use them...

Hibo's no dummy.  Keeping her eye on the sister at all times

she stripped my bed of all its pillows after dragging her blanket from her room (no easy feat)  and cuddled up on the floor next to the mirror so she could take in her own fabulousness
As parents we are not to pick favourites.  This rule does not seem to apply to siblings.  Journey is Phoenix's  favourite.
We all know it.  It hurts.
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Kimberley said...

That gals smile just warms my heart! She's something else! I used to call her gadget. As in gadget arms and legs. It seemed if I took my eyes off her for a second she was off on another adventure... Climbing into the sandbox, into the ball pit, into the paint... Lol. She knows what she wants for sure! I learned so much from Phoenix about listening, and really seeing people. She is a beautiful person and I was blessed to spend time with her. Her laugh is contagious and how can you ever be cross with that smile!!?

Tricia wheatley said...

Thanks Kimberly! She really is the best!