Friday, June 8, 2012

i don't think the dictionary has it right

Pathetic.  Pitiful.  The dictionary defines these words somewhat differently than I do.  Pathetic is when looking through your photos on the computer and when clicking on the cue for photos taken in the last twelve months there are none of one of your kids as she's dead and no more photos can ever be taken of her.  

Pitiful is when you are driving down the road and even though you are not a crier your eyes start leaking because you are just so sad that all you have are photos.

Some days all you are is pathetic and pitiful
Taken hours before she passed

Maybe she was touring Heaven getting a lay of the land before she left


BeeBelle said...

Just wanted to comment to say I read your post today and am thinking of you. Your daughter is beautiful, and I'm so sorry that you can't take any more pictures.


Tricia said...

Thanks BeeBelle!