Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I will have you know that then at that moment I was mother of the year...self proclaimed.  In my youth I had zero issue with slippery slimy worms.  In my elderly years I seem to have developed some.
Here's the thing...when you have a visually impaired child if you want them to know the whole world even the creatures that slink and slither in the earth then you must swallow your disgust, pick up a worm and marvel at its 'beauty'.  As it wiggled in the child's hand I even saved its life a few times.  I prevented it from dropping, being squished and even accidentally cooked on the deck stairs.  I'm not heartless!  I stopped myself from  suggesting naming it and then have it possibly come to an unfortunate end and then having us both attached to something that had a name, potentially a family then being forced into planning a funeral etc etc.  And....there is no way I am having a teeny tiny urn with the remains of shrivelled worm on my headboard.  The other child being there is quite enough!

the worms home and the eventual home to flowers .  I hope he/she will like them

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